Meet Antonio Arellano

Antonio Arellano was born in Peru in 1968, precisely on 13/11/68, to a family of artisans in Trujillo, a Peruvian town known for the production of handmade footwear.
the designer and craftsman Antonio Arellano, already at a young age produced handmade and elegant shoes for boutiques.
Antonio's son was born.  Daniel Arellano who with time will follow his father's craft.
the shoemaker Antonio Arellano arrives in Italy and without hesitation enters the world of Italian handmade shoes, enriching his experience and professionalism.
After years of experience in the field Antonio Arellano founded his first artisan workshop in the heart of Rome, near St. Peter's and the Vatican. From the very beginning he began to set up a shoe workshop. He began, in a very short time, to create extravagant and creative models.