Meet Antonio Arellano

Antonio Arellano was born in Peru in 1968, precisely on 11/13/68, from a family of artisans in Trujillo, a Peruvian town known for the production of handmade shoes.




The designer and craftsman Antonio Arellano, already at a young age, produced handmade and elegant shoes for boutiques.




Antonio's son is born, Daniel Arellano who over time will follow the trade.




The footwear artisan Antonio Arellano arrives in Italy and without hesitation immediately enters the world of Italian handmade shoes, enriching his experience.




After years of maturity in the field, Antonio Arellano founded his first craft shop in the heart of Rome, near St. Peter's and the Vatican. He immediately began to set up a shoe workshop. He began, in no time, to create extravagant and creative models.




During these years he has been able to consolidate his image as a stylist and craftsman with his creations and footwear exclusively "Made in Italy", rich in quality and remarkable design. His working technique and his models began to be admired by the ecclesiastical world. Noted and appreciated by Pope Karol Wojtyla for repairing his shoes.




With great satisfaction Antonio Arellano was able to create and make a shoe at the request of Pope Benedict XVI.


In those years his laboratory began to be frequented by many celebrities from the world of entertainment.




Daniel Arellano, only 18 years old, opens his first shoe shop in the heart of Rome, in the San Pietro area.


It was a success thanks to his stubbornness: since he was a child he learned the secrets and the art of repairing and creating fine artisan footwear.




The ARELLANO brand was born and officially registered.






The following years were full of satisfactions, thanks to the love for work and the desire to improve in every detail.


In recent years Daniel and Antonio Arellano have bought cutting-edge technological machinery.


They select the best leathers from the prestigious Marchigiane and Tuscan tanneries.


They design precious and creative models, creating collections for men / women and unique and inimitable accessories.